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DiggaGig review – Wonderland – Utah’s White Party – January 23rd, 2016

Event: Wonderland

Venue: The Fallout, Salt Lake City

Producer: Utah Arts Alliance

Sound: Rock Solid – Eric

Lighting: Vanishing Productions – Dustin Moss

Visuals: Mindhum  – David Giardinelli

What a great party! I haven’t had that much fun in quite a while. The Arts Alliance and their staff and volunteers absolutely nailed it last night. An amazing mix of grand artists and their art, performers and their acts, DJ’s with their beatz. Hour and a half of DJ at the booth on the floor, then switch over to the stage for the artistic performances. It worked very well. The decoration was of course, Alice in Wonderland themed and looked fantastic. And there was a voluptuous body-painted caterpillar on a mushroom. Mindhum did some video projection mapping onto large sized white foam cutouts of mushrooms onstage and Alice and the White rabbit on the truss surrounding the DJ booth. Dustin lit the room up with a shitload of LED black lights that made all the white clothing really pop.

DJ Flash and Flare got the party started off and set the vibe very well. Then Eben Flow came in and wrecked the whole place with the best Electro Swing set I’ve ever heard. We really need more of that here in Utah. Then I played and switched the vibe up a bit, of course. I was followed by DJ Artemis who ended the party nicely with some progressive House and other stuff.

I prepared for this event by picking out a selection of my current favorite tracks from the last year. I only planned the first 5 mixes then left the rest of the set open for improv and to feature my own tracks. I also rehearsed with my current dancers, Robot Rob and E-Boogie. We have just come off of filming my most recent music video, “The Wind Up” and had a couple of classic popping routines available for that song. We also choreographed a completely new and original routine for the opening number. Very robotic, futuristic, comptemporary styles for that one. I also bought a new Adidas Superstar track jacket (Real Madrid issue – white with black stripes) and some solid white Levi’s 501’s and the white polo shirt from my Dad’s favorite rock band, Kansas. I also purchased some fiber optic sunglasses that looked very Kool Moe Dee and lit up white around the edges 😀  Aaaaand, rounded off the outfit with a brand new pair of Adidas classic Superstar limited edition gold foil shell-toes.

The logistics of the room setup wasn’t really what we envisioned, though. We had imagined everything happening on one stage but they had the DJ booth on the floor and the other performances on the stage to the right. No big deal at all, though. Actually made the opener a little more up close and personal for the crowd, which is just fine with me.

My set started off very smoothly with  us performing a popping routine to “Back” by Habstrak, then me heading back behind the decks to mix about halfway though. I have to say, Rob and Boog just assassinated it on their solos. They are both very talented. Everything continued very smoothly and the crowd got rockin’ very quickly. Got about an hour into it though and I had some serious technical problems. My Winamp started auto-playing tracks I was trying to drop into Serato very loudly and on top of the other tracks and I couldn’t stop it or turn it down for about 10 seconds… this happened 3 times before I could stop it. What really sucked is it was auto playing “The Wind Up” which was getting it’s official public debut… Ay ay ay.. how embarrassing. But, as a professional entertainer, I  just apologize and plow through to continue being dope and the crowd comes back to me. It’s not like that kind of shit doesn’t happen to me during my sets on a historical basis HAHA. The DiggaCurse continues to remind me that Murphy still haunts us.

Let me mention here, that my favorite part about this party was the fact that everyone danced all night. No fist pumping, no crowd all staring in the same direction at the stage just watching cake… people dancing their asses off and sweating like they just had the most intense sex of their lives… that’s what a real party is.  A great mix of ages, styles, vibes, etc.. And it was all positive and love.

Anyway, I finished up with some Disco-House’y 90’s sample-vibe-breaks and the crowd loved it. All in all, I had a great time and I think the attendees did, as well. Big ups to Derek Dyer and all the staff and volunteers who made this a truly memorable experience! I recorded most of my set but as usual, forgot to hit record until about the 3rd track… ugh. BUT Evan from Elm Films was there and he got some great footage. Both of which I will add to this post later.Wonderland 2016 flyer 2



Wonderland (2016 White Party) - full photo set on flickr at - copyrigth 2016 Rudy van Bree
Wonderland (2016 White Party) – full photo set on flickr at – copyrigth 2016 Rudy van Bree

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