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GhettoBlast with Diggabeatz Episode 9 – November 8th, 2016 – with special guest Ahee interview 

This week’s episode went very smoothly, even though I still have the same laptop LOL. Started off with my own tune, The Wind Up, since it just released the day before on Kaleidoscope (today it broke the top 100 Breaks tracks chart at #39 🙂 Had a nice conversation with AHEE, the man with the #1 Breaks release on Beatport at the moment, and played several of his tunes. Then I laid down the Bass and Breaks for about an hour and a half. Mostly tracks that came out within the last two weeks. BOOYAKASHA!




GhettoBlast with Diggabeatz Episode 8 – October 11, 2016 – Omega Squad special guest 

We’re back again to blast yo’ Ghet toe.  I had a few computer glitches, but this was a good show.  A good interview with Omega Squad from Kaleidoscope Music and of course, lot’s of bass heavy breakbeats, a couple of house tracks, some trap and even a little drum-n-bass 😀



GhettoBlast with Diggabeatz – Episode 7 – September 13, 2016

This week I announce that I joined Kaleidoscope Music, then I interview fellow Kaleidoscopian, DJ Sweet Charlie! After that, I do a continuous mix of some of the dopest new Breaks/Electrofunk tracks on the scene at the moment.




GhettoBlast with Diggabeatz – Episode 6 – August 9, 2016 

Fast forward to 9:30 past the dead air because it’s late and I’m too lazy to edit this haha! On this episode, I played a lot  of the tracks I’ve been playing out at the last few shows. I also tried to do a live Facebook video at the same time, but there was a problem with the phone and it was mute. I’ll try it again next time 🙂 Anyway, I also feature music from one of my new favorite producers, AHEE. I also did a feature of Babylon Records. Check it out!



GhettoBlast with Diggabeatz – Episode 3 – The Electro Edition – Featuring  Jackal and Hyde

This was a fun show. Unfortunately, Serato stopped recording 2 minutes into the show and I don’t know why. Fortunately, the interview was pre-recorded, so I still have that! 🙂

Jackal and Hyde promo pic 1

Ghetto Blast with Diggabeatz – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Ghetto Blast with Diggabeatz – April 5, 2016. In this episode I start off with some themes, then move into an interview with Firestar Soundsystem. Then back to the themes, with the 4/20 theme. Then I mix into some other Drum and Bass and end up with some more breaks, including one of my originals.