The 1st real rave I played – Tribal Gathering 2 – Lantana, Florida – DJ Icey, Kelly Reverb, headliners

One night in June 1997, I invited my friend and Fader Freekz co-founder, Sean Smith over for a typical night of spinning records at my apartment. He brought along a friend named Mark W. who hung out and spun records with us. He was impressed with how I was spinning and invited me to play a party he was throwing in two months. A couple of weeks before the party I got a call from my friend Mike M. who was with Mark at the graphic designer. Mark was from England and had misheard my name, thinking it was spelled Digger Beats. LMAO, Good thing Mike called me and I gave him the correct spelling!

DJ Icey and Kelly Reverb were the healining DJ’s that night. I got to meet Kelly after his set and talked to him for about an hour, which was the highlight of my evening. He was very down to earth and a very nice guy to talk to .

This event turned out to be very fun. I was there with Natasha, my girlfriend at the time, and our friends Juan, Nicole, and Jeremy. I watched DJ Jason Dunne spin before me and was blown away! This guy was so skilled and energetic and he played some dope ass beatz! Plus he had some crazy long curly blonde locks that bounced around when he danced. Then I got on the decks and he was equally impressed with my set.

3 days later he came over to my house and we improvised a tag team set that we both described as pure magic. It was like we were long lost DJ brothers LOL. I asked him if he’d be interested in joining me and Sean as a 3rd Fader Freek and he agreed.


Jason Dunne at Tribal Gathering 2 - Aug 19997

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  1. Mark Ward here. Hope you are well. I remember that night pretty well myself and of course Tribal Gathering in WPB in the old Winn Dixie warehouse space. Man that a big place. Kelly Reverb is close bye until I move back to NYC area. He is doing well and flies down to Florida here and there for the odd event. DJ Icey is well too, spoke to him semi recently along with Dave Cannelte

    1. Accidentally pressed enter, please combine. Continued; Dave Cannelte, D-Extreme, Jason Dunne etc. There are videos are youtube from first Tribal Gathering party on North Miami / Hallandale event. Hope all is well. Mad Mark Ward aka DJ Marc Energy. Peace

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