The Technics 1200 returns (just like I said it would, but better)

Technics has Diggadone it again. Today at CES in Las Vegas they unveiled the reintroduction of the  SL-1200 turntable, but significantly upgraded and yes, quite sexy indeed. Some mechanical upgrades to note: 78RPM speed and +16% pitch adjustment!

1200 Grand Class Direct_Drive_Turntable_System_SL_1200GAE_7.0

First of all, I called it. I knew the discontinuation of the 1200 couldn’t last long but I didn’t expect a freeking Rolls Royce of a deck.  It’s not surprising though, considering two factors – 1, the reintroduction of Technics as a “high end” brand by Panasonic a couple of years ago, and 2, the recent re-surge in vinyl record sales. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post or two.

So it’s also not surprising that they’re aiming these two new models at true audio enthusiasts (thus the AE?) with lots of money.  The SL-1200GAE limited edition of 1200 units (funny but true) will be released first, and is made for serious audiophiles, containing the most upgrades. The SL-1200G will follow a few months later and is geared toward discriminating DJ’s.  No word on pricing yet from Panasonic, but expect not to be able to afford either model 😉

More on all this later

WrrD! ~Digga

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